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P R E S S  R E L E A S E 


Willow Wren


#1 International bestselling author, model, actress, musician and artist, Willow Wren was signed by the FORD agency at age 6 and has modeled over 400 products for more than 70 companies such as American Girl, Brooks Brothers, Lands' End, Saks Fifth Avenue, Levi's, Aeropostale, and worldwide campaigns for Adidas, Monnalisa, Vogue Bambini and Benetton, to name a few.

She's appeared on the TV shows The Americans, The Blacklist, Mysteries of Laura, national commercials for Crayola and the WWE, filmed for The Goldfinch and Infinity Tree. Infinity Tree for FX Networks was a contender at the Cannes Short Film Festival in France. Willow was proud to have been selected to represent the American Girl Doll, Samantha Parkington, currently gracing 5 book covers including the mystery series. ​

​Willow has been interviewed on CBS Channel 3, NBC Channel 30, ABC Channel 8, FOX Channel 43, News 12 CT & NY, WGCH, Rogue Media's Central Texas Living and TVS Entertainment Network. 

In 2021 at age 15, Willow was accepted into Syracuse University for dual enrollment while in high school.​

Willow has received two teacher-nominated awards and a teacher-selected honor. In 2021, she received the Science Department Student of the Marking Period recognition from her high school, and the other nomination was the Student of the Month: Award of Recognition in 2018 where her Assistant Principal cited her consistency in helping fellow students and her amazing ability to balance a successful school life and flourishing career while nurturing endearing friendships. When she was 12, Willow had the honor of being teacher-selected to conduct the Greenwich Symphony Orchestra.

She earned the President’s Award for Educational Achievement for outstanding grades, intellectual development in accelerated math and science, achievement in music and commitment to her academics while balancing the demands and rigors of a professional NYC career. 


​In 2020, Willow registered the trademark, Writer’s INC., with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, after purchasing WH Publishing, LLC., when she was 14. Willow is also a 3-time copyright owner.

Willow wrote the manuscript for The Dauntless Chronicles with her friend, Anthony Olmo, when they were both 14. They illustrated the book when they were 15 along with other teens from around the world and two adult artists. 


The Dauntless Chronicles became the #1 Bestseller & #1 Hot New Release on Amazon in 3 categories in 2020 and the #1 International Bestseller in 2 categories in 2021 continuing to delight readers of all ages! Click here to learn more: TDC.

She uses some of her characters to be a voice to empower those who feel unheard.

At age 11, she earned her 1st Literary Award in the 38th annual event of the literary competition open to writers worldwide for a piece of fiction for her 1st novella and at age 12, she earned her 2nd Literary Award.

​Willow published her 1st book, The Healing, at age 8, based on a true story to inspire other children to always be kind to animals and never give up on a dream. Invited by Barnes & Noble to sit on a panel of doctors and healers for a Health: Mind, Spirit & Body presentation, Willow spoke professionally about her non-fiction followed by multi-day book signings, and bookings for Author’s Visits.

She received not only the Governor’s Certificate of Recognition, but also a personal letter from Connecticut Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor, for reading 2,158 pages and 2,146 pages in consecutive summers for the Governor’s Challenge when she was 5 and 6 years old.   At 7 and 8, Willow wrote 2 national book reviews for the We Do Listen Foundation which publishes stories about confidence, sportsmanship, bullying and self-esteem.

​​Willow plays piano, violin, viola, Seagull Merlin, kamancheh, harp, kalimba, guitar, cello, recorder, and ocarina. Click here: REELS to view a quick video of her playing 8 instruments and singing 10 songs including one she composed and recorded. 

In 2018, Willow’s school orchestra competed against more than a half dozen schools at Central Connecticut State University taking 1st place that year. In 2019, she returned to compete at Central Connecticut State University with her school’s choral ensemble earning the rank of Excellent from the judges.

In addition to her love of music, writing, reading, art and animals, Willow enjoys horseback riding, swimming, snorkeling and anything to do with marine life – she was Dolphin Trainer for a Day in Bermuda feeding, gating, measuring, swimming and training 9 dolphins all day including two 3-month-old baby dolphins.


On the school's track team, she was often 1st in hurdles, 100 meters and 200 meters with stats qualifying for Olympic training but she is currently on medical leave. At age 9, Willow flew her 1st plane. Willow also taught herself to read and write Old Norse.

​Willow lives in Connecticut with her mom, dad, and three cats. She has several exciting projects planned for 2023.  

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